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With years of experience, Allan Soja Productions stands as one of the premier Audio and Film Production Companies in Kampala, Uganda, and East Africa. We specialize in Video production, TV Commercial (TVC) production, Events Promotion, and Talent Management. Our impressive team, led by experienced directors and producers with both local and international expertise, offers a comprehensive array of services for both Audio and Film. Allan Soja Productions provides the complete package for all your production needs.

    Adventure Movie Shoot

    Our Crew In a Cinema adventure Movie Shoot

    Demarco - Jamaica

    Allan Soja Production Shooting for reknown famous Jamaican Aist Demarco a music Video

    Bennie Man - America

    Allan Soja Production Proudly Shooting Kind of the Dance hall Bennie Man's Music Video

    Cleint Four- Netherlands

    Wester Park Studios Great actors in Pot credit moment with Allan Soja Productions Team